I have a feeling you’re going to lie about this

I have a feeling you're going to lie about this...

But I'll be honest...

If you ask me what I was doing at 12:28pm yesterday afternoon when I got the message I'm reproducing below...

I can't even remember

I'll tell you who this message was from,

Why it put a smile on my face,

And why I'm sharing it with you

But first....

Here's the WHATSAPP message that made my day (yesterday):

"Good news Andy, I got a 6 months retainer in the blockchain tech industry, 

The pay is $1500 every month (with possible increase).

All I'm doing is writing an FB ad copy and a Landing page copy for them.

Andy all my high ticket sales have come from Twitter,

They all come pre-sold,

They send a DM themselves.

It's crazy especially when I hear what people go through on places like Fiverr and the rest. I just can't imagine myself doing that

Anyway, I actually set up a mini team

1. FB Ad strategist
2. Email marketer

(They are paid by the brand)

My job is to create the structure of the marketing funnel (NOT build), write FB Copy and landing page copy (this could be a VSL) and  generally... 

To make sure the marketing campaign each month goes well.

Every day, every week at least... I say a prayer for you"


Amen to that

Talk about the power of in-bound Client acquisition...

And even though Golibe (that's his name) is proud to call himself a student of mine.... anywhere... anytime... anyday;

I CANNOT take the credit for his wins....

ALL CREDIT to him and the many others for ruthlessly and consistently implenting the little they have learned from me!

God bless them, their hustle and whoever it is they're fornicating with.

Anyway, let's do the meth....

At the current exchange rate:

$1,500 = ₦615,000 per month.

Multiply that by 6-months and you're looking at...


Not to be sniffed at

Especially considering the fact that he has just one scrotum

One head, and not a single trace of a Master's Degree in his cabinet

I've shared this with you just to give you a glimpse of the kind of world Copywriters are exposed to...

I'm happy for Golibe, he's reaping the rewards of consistency

And he's just one of many high-income writers in my FCI (Foreign Copywriting Initiative) class right now...

Making good money for themselves...

Writing copy for complete strangers;

Business owners they've never met before

What a way to earn a living!

And, if you're ready to put in the work

We're happy to help you build a profitable writing biz that caters to real foreign clients in places like New Zealand, Australia, Canada... etc

Who genuinely need your services

And are happy to pay for it, month after month...

Plus, royalties

And even happily refer you to their friends, who need a bit of Copywriting to grow or scale their business

If you're not in my FCI class already

And you're ready to write for Clients from abroad, and get paid very well to dit...

Here's your URL to join us: nairaroad.com/2021-2

Stay frosty


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