Grab a pen, you’ll want to write this down…

Grab a pen, you'll want to write this down...

Pray, let us proceed by quoting my #1 Copywriting hero (Gary C. Halbert), who once said...

"There are 3 reasons people don't buy from you:

1. They don't want what you are selling

2. They want it, but they can't afford it

3. They don't believe you --- They read your copy and they think...'re a desperate, lying, scummy human who should never be allowed to sell anything to anyone -- ever!

Of course, all 3 reasons are valid --- but you see number #3???

That's the biggest reason behind low conversion rates 

You can have:

A great product,

A solid offer

And an advertising budget as big as Agora's...

But if believability doesn't ring thru your entire marketing funnel (NOT just your ad or landing page or emails...)

Nobody's giving you a dime.

And what's an effective approach to keeping your message believable?

Well, for one....

Avoid hyperbole.

For two, if it's going to cold traffic,

You gotta sprinkle useful tips, educational value across your copy / and or funnel (at bare minimum, your prospect should be learning something new from you)

This makes them super grateful and indebted to you -- so well, before you even make your pitch --

They are already 80% sold and hungry for your offering...

And hopefully, you have a well-constructed offer that does the remaining 20% of the job superbly well. 


For 3, use testimonials, case studies (if you have) and 3rd party proof to build your case -- 1 at a time, never hurried, never bragging, never beating your chest...

For 4, Tell your story -- get personal, get vulnerable and keep it authentic-- your story of discovery or transformation.... tell it well and tell it true..

And for 5....

Never ever come across as desperate.

You can guilt-trip if you want...

But take it from someone who sells stuff in red oceans

The soft-sell approach is king!

Now, is that all there is?

Not really,

But I figure this should give you a little nudge in the right direction

Stay frosty



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