Missing Tape Resurfaces on YouTube after 27years

You watch this video and you can tell the writer knew he was going to die pretty soon...

And for some strange reason...

On March 9, 1994 (27 years ago) — shortly after that interview with one of his favourite journalists...

The writer died of leukemia at a hospital in Los Angeles.

But what he said in that video still rings true today

And you'd find it very insightful if you do any kind of writing

Here's the URL:

C.B — On dying and how to write

Don't just watch it and move on with your life

Download it and rewatch it several times over

Until the lessons sink deep into your subconscious mind.

Stay frosty.


P.S: If you're not sure how to download a video on YouTube

Here's how it works:

This is what a normal YouTube link looks like:


To Download, simply add ss before the y in youtube

That is:


Then simply reload the tab

And it takes you straight to the download page


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