Linda Speaks her Mind

During my private coaching call last night,

Linda asked this question:

"Andy, I've had this on my mind for a while now — what do you do when way too many people are selling the same product in your market"

My answer:

"Mostly, when too many people are selling the same product, they're also using the same marketing angles — so all you have to do, is use a different marketing angle that's the exact opposite of what the majority's doing"

Example of what the majority is doing in the diabetes market:

Usual Headlines:


PERMANENT SOLUTION TO DIABETES: Discover the secret to reverse type-1 and type-2 diabetes and to normalize High blood sugar level

Both headlines are basically saying the same thing

And a prospect would easily conclude both are not trustworthy

Because it seems like they're copying each other — and making same generic promise that's everywhere in the diabetes market

See how words like (permanent, solution, discover(ed)) are repeated in both headlines...??

7 in 10 sales pages in this market are basically saying same thing

Using same or similar choice of words...

As such — it feels like there's market saturation

But there's a simple way to make a lot of consistent sales in markets these...

All you have to do is differentiate:

In the context of the examples given above

You simple differentiate by mentioning the primary active ingredient(s) reponsible for the results your product delivers — right there in your headline.


"Colorless Gel Repairs The Pancreas to Free The Body From Type-2 Diabetes"

Off the top of my head

We can definitely do better

But what I've just done is show you how to differentiate your thing so it stands out in your market...

You should always think of new ways to differentiate your message

Differentiation — when done right — gives you a solid edge over the competition — especially with customer acquisition and market influence.

Stay frosty


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