Midnight Manipulation Tactic ☠️

I just got home from Landmark for Alan and Funmilayo's birthday — and I thought to share this with you even though it's almost midnight...

It's a simple tactic you can use to manipulate a client into changing their mind from...

"Can we do it for less?" to...

"Alright, it's fine... let's do it"

NOTE: The problem is the client is either looking for a bargain

Or doesn't think you're worth that fee you're quoting

Whatever the case is — once you notice a client trying to do the whole "price bargain" thaingy....

Simply say something like:

"It's okay if you can't afford it, but that's my fee — maybe we can do this some other time when you can afford my services, or I can refer you to someone who can handle it for you at a lesser fee"

Or say "It's okay if you can't afford it"

And no matter what they say — or try to say...

Don't budge.

Don't remove a single penny.

In my experience, 80% of clients have their egos bruised when you tell them they can't afford your services (especially if it's over a call or meeting where "others can hear you")...

And in a bid to save face or prove you wrong...

They go ahead and say "alright, the money's actually not a problem, let's do it.."


Try to use that "it's okay if you can't afford it" line as often as possible to "bruise their ego" further...

Don't overuse it — or overdo it

Be the more you do it (tactfully) — the more likely clients will end up agreeing to your price on the spot

Or come back later to pay your fees 100%

Just to prove to you that they "have money"

You should try this if you ever have clients saying to you that your fee is above their budget... or that you should give them a "discount" or that you ought to meet them halfway.

If I wasn't feeling sleepy I'd probably break this down further

But I think the tactic is clear enough for you to know how to use it

Stay frosty


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