Ronald Nzimora (Part 4)

I almost fell out of my chair when I heard the numbers

"...And it's funny that offer did a little over N11Million in one night"

I wanted to be sure I heard him clearly

So I asked:

"One night — like between 6pm and 11:59pm?...

Not a whole 24-hour day as we know it in direct response?..."

"Yes," he replied, "one night."

"But understand. . . " he continued — as he stood up and paced around a little to stretch those long legs of his.


". . . It took weeks of serious planning.

And it was well-timed too. I didn't just wake up that morning and launch that offer in the night. A lot of research, planning and if you like "scheming" went into that monster / And ...

I was very particular about the timing too.

I followed the market trends for weeks, kept nurturing my prospects on the topic "Time-sensitive investments in Crypto"  .. .. kept answering their questions, kept "future pacing em'"....

And once I saw the market hunger was going thru the roof

Alongside the "emotional response" to news from mainstream media. I knew it was time to launch.

Revenue was a little over =N=11Million...

Sure I spent some money on traffic and putting a few other things in place but ROI/ROAS was more than 9x what I spent...

Not shabby right?"


It was as if a light bulb went off in my head.

And as I made my way home that evening,

One thing just kept ringing in my head...

Something that keeps ringing in my head till this day:

"Big ideas are important, and so's great Copy and making irresisitible offers and getting the nuts & bolts of your campaign right, but Great Planning is the mother of all killer campaigns.It is the solid foundation upon which everyother thing rests"

Stay frosty.


P.S: In my next email, I share yet another lesson I learned from my mentor Ronald — in my first few months under his wings.

That email will be marked "Ronald Nzimora (Part 5)"

Bonne nuite.

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