A dream? Not if you make it happen

5 years ago almost every girl I tried to establish romantic relations with did this funny thing where:

They 'd agree we were cool as friends...

We'd talk, laugh and hang out from time to time

But when I started showing signs of wanting more?

They'd look upon me like I was the scum of the earth.

And who can blame them?

Here I was, 22 years of age...

Son of two retired civil servants, an unemployed graduate with a 2/2 degree (I didn't even have a 2/1.. talk more of a 1st class...),

I was broke, lacking direction, wearing faded clothes (mostly shorts and XL or XXL shirst, carrying an overgrown and always unkept hair...)

And rather than try to get a job

I was spending 80% of my time (happily) taking care of my darling father as he tried to recover fully from a repeat stroke

So clearly, I was no match for the other guys they considered "the worthy candidates"

These were the gainfully employed ones

Some even had cars (and would drop em off at home.... after dates)

Plus, they dressed wayyyyyy better, offered financial assistance...

And around 80% of them were much older than me

Obviously, the odds were stacked against me

While these guys had almost everything going for them

All I had was my good looks, my balls and a dream

A seemingly laughable dream of becoming a world-renowned, well-paid, sought-after Copywriter regardless of my background or nationality

And every morning, upon waking up;

I'd say these words to my hearing:

"My name is Andy Mukolo and I am the greatest Copywriter alive. I make $10,000 a month for Copywriting skills and I have enough clients to keep me busy for the next 5 years... Business owners all over the world come to me for advice and often sit at my feet to learn from me... I am the greatest Copywriter alive... I am the greatest Copywriter alive... I am the greatest Copywriter alive!"

And at night, before going to bed...

I'd shamelessly repeat 'em.

And no, I wasn't just doing affirmations blindly

I followed up these affirmations with hardwork of the highest order

During the day, I read and handcopied great control sales letters

On most afternoons, I studied the old classics:

You know them:

Hopkins, Collier, Ogilvy, Halbert, Carlton... and so on

And in the evenings...

I did a lot of in-depth research on the background of clients I was going to approach on LinkedIn and via email the following week

And at night... as I slept...

I would dream I was living out my dreams of being a well-paid, sought-after Copywriter of international repute...

With my work passed around and studied by many (beginners and pro)

And my name routinely mentioned in the same sentence as some of the world's greatest living Copywriters of our time.

Sure enough, nothing happened overnight

And I was okay with that

Because I was lucky to have learned (through the relentless studying of the greats who came before me) that....

If you want it bad enough...

You've got to be willing to go all the way

No matter what happens or what people say about you and your goals

And by God or no God,

It paid off,

It's still paying off...  

And I ain't even done yet

My point, if there's any is simply this:

This life you want for yourself

A life where you're not just doing okay financially,

But enjoying what you do for a living and being in a position to easily provide for (and assist) your loved ones who need your help from time to time...

And more

Yes, this life is possible,

And you can have it

But there's a lot of hardwork involved

And it requires a lot of patience too

Many people will try to talk you out of it

And maybe they're doing it out of love

But it's mostly ignorance and arrogance,

Because they can't see what you're seeing

Neither do they have an idea that tomorrow...

This same person they now doubt, ridicule and treat badly

...is same person they'll be asking for financial assitance.

So keep going, it's going to pay off

And even if it's already paying off for you in one way or the other...

Don't forget:

There's still a lot more to be gained, if you keep moving forward

Stay frosty


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