The Nail in The Coffin

People can be stupid.

Maybe I'll tell you about this later.

But for now, There's a concept in Copywriting called . . .

"The Nail in The Coffin"

It's something you casually (but deliberately) say in a strategic paragraph on your sales page that ensures . . .

Your prospect won't rest or sleep or even have sex . . .

Until she has bought from you

It's the final piece in the puzzle of persuasion and it is used by . . .

Top C.I.A Officials and Secret Service insiders.

While studying this concept,

I went back to the story of when blacklisted American whistle-blower Edward Snowden blew the whistle on N.S.A back in 2013 . .

I did some digging (I'm always digging for information)

I realized this technique is one the many classified persuasion secrets used by The U.S government to get foreign governments to do their bidding.

So I started using it to write copy for myself and my clients.

Sales Response Improved and Buyer behavior Changed.

Here's an example of how I did it recently for one of my products:

"The **** Process can mean the difference between 2 sales in one month and 10 sales every day. .  You can continue getting banned on Facebook, Or you can make things easier for yourself. The choice is up to you"

Maybe I'll tell you more about this later,

For now

Steal this Copywriting formula;

  • BIG emotional promise.
  • Proof
  • Story that resonates
  • Promise
  • Proof
  • Address objections
  • Future pacing
  • Emotional triggers
  • Big emotional promise x 2
  • SOLID proof
  • Future pacing x 2
  • Irresistible offer
  • CTA
  • False close
  • Sweeten the deal
  • Value stack
  • Final CTA.

Whether you're a Copywriter,

Or an affiliate marketer

Or an Ecommerce entrepreneur...

Or just something in-between.. .

This Copywriting formula I've shared with YOU just seems to work for almost anyone who uses it.

And if you're sensible enough to use it to sell or promote stuff online.....

The results will marvel you...

Stay frosty.


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