The Big Idea.

Don't kid yourself!


Everything you do as an entrepreneur is built on some idea.

When you're promoting a product or Service,


The idea behind your message can be something so captivating,


Your prospects have to stop and hear more about it




It can be more of the same annoying stuff your prospect's have seen or heard before.


The single most important thing in any sales message is the IDEA behind it


Let's call it The BIG Idea!


And believe it or NOT,


It is the quality of your Big idea that determines whether OR not your prospects engage with your marketing message long enough to BUY what you're selling

If your idea is weak


Forget it.


You won't make any serious money.


Now, I want you to understand something: 


Your headline is NOT your Big Idea


Your headline is merely an expression of your Big Idea


That's why many Copywriters and marketers write captivating headlines and can't understand why NOBODY's reading their copy 


Talk more of buying whatever it is you're selling.


Once again:


It is not about your headline


It is the idea behind your headline


The idea behind what you’re presenting to prospects.

If you don't have a solid BIG idea behind what you're promoting


Nothing else you do will matter.


And if people are not buying from you


I can guarantee they're not even paying attention to your message because it lacks a Captivating big idea that hits then where they live.


Does any of this make sense?


Did YOU learn anything at all from this email?


Did I get through to you at all?




Why am I even asking?


Here's a much more relevant question:


Would you like me to take you by hand and teach you the real art of


Developing "the right big ideas" for almost anything at all you want to sell?


Including how to create and present your offers in a way that makes your Prospect immediately see why you're the best option for their money?




Then go here and see if you qualify




Stay frosty



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