How to sell a New Rolls Royce Car

He's one of the few advertising legends I've studied inside out

 David Ogilvy was NOT of this world and one of his ads I studied and copied again and again and again was his famous...

 "At 60 Miles an HOUR" promo for ROLLS ROYCE

 It sold out the entire U.S inventory.

 Now here's the thing:

 A Rolls Royce CAR is a luxury item


 And your prospect is already very skeptical since he's seen hundreds of "more of the same" Rolls Royce Ads before that he probably didn't respond to

 Ogilvy knew he couldn't do ordinary marketing


So he put on his thinking CAP and came up with a BIG IDEA designed to:

  • Stand out from every other Rolls Royce Ad ever written
  • Educate the reader into LOVING and desiring the CAR
  • Caresss the reader's ego and make them feel that as a proud owner of a brand new ROLLS ROYCE Car, you belong in a different class..

The result?

 I already told you it sold out Rolls Royce's entire U.S inventory

 But here's the devil in the detail:

 It wasn't about the Rolls Royce car

 It was about how Ogilvy PRESENTED IT to the market

 Burn that into your skull!!

 Yep, it's cool to have an amazing product or service that people are willing to PAY for

 But if you're NOT presenting (and marketing) it with the RIGHT appeal

 You will be ignored by your ideal prospects

 At best, you'll be settling for peanuts, when you could easily make a few tweaks to your marketing and start enjoying a consistent flow of new customer sales and clients

 Want to learn how to stand out in your marketplace and be viewed by prospect's as the best option for their money?

 Even if you think everyone is selling the same thing you're selling?


 Stay frosty 


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