How to Inject Dopamine into your prospect’s Brain

This is by far the most important question you can ask yourself right now...

Doesn't matter whether you're in ...


Real Estate,

Freelancing ,

Affiliate maketing,



Or just something in-between...

If you're not always asking yourself this question,

Then it is very likely that your advertising will pass like a ship in the night

Here's the Question:

Am I telling my prospect what everyone else has told or is telling her?

Very important. Largely overlooked.

99% of marketing messages out there are practically saying the same damn thing

Your prospect is used to all those typical marketing strategies

Nothing is new to her anymore

She sees like 500 headlines every day and they're all saying the same thing

Except for the 1-5 who are playing the card of differientiation

Listen up 

The only way you can get your prospect's favourable attention is when you inject dopamine into her brain

Dopamine gives you a rush of excitment

Like you're about to learn something new...

 Something you've probably never seen or heard before

 Or something no one else has talked about the way the marketer or copywriter has presented it on the sales page or in the ad or in the email or in the VSL

 So step 1 is:

 Think of how you can promote your products and services in ways completely unique and different from what everyone else in your market is doing


 Of course

 You get it

 You're not daft

 And that's why you're still on my email list

 Else, I woulda kicked you out a long time ago!


 Stay frosty

 Or don't

 I'm not going to beg you today


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