Outwitting The Devil on October 1st.

"Are you going to join us in this thing or WHAT??" - The Godfather.

I'm not going to let the devil use me today 

So, instead of starting October writing you an email on...  

"The Devil's guide to better sex!"

I'm just going to ram a COLD HARD TRUTH through that skull of yours.


There's around 9o days (3 months and a day actually) left until we get to that point of the year where millions of people start jumping upandan shouting:

"I survived 2020. NEXT year will be great"

Well all know how it ends.

Anyway, if you're serious about making a change!

You don't have to wait until everyone is making a new year or new month resolution (99% of which are never kept or met because talk is cheap!)

You can start now, right here...

And in this thing of ours,

There's a very simple way to do it.

My 2 cents:

Take the next 90-days (the rest of the year)

Find one high-in-demand product or service that LOTS of people are more than happy to pay good money for. . .


Promote the hell out of it.

Either with organic traffic (people like you are making a fortune with their WhatsApp status)

Or with paid advertising (people like you are making a fortune with ads on Facebook, Google, Instagram... etc)

Do this with your heart and soul...

And lets see if the size of your bank account doesn't rise like . . .

The COCK of a sex-starved lecturer who's finally been given the opportunity to:

Play with the bum-bum of that HOT female student he's been eyeing all semester ...


Wait, what's that look on your face?

You're angry I didn't say Happy new month to you?

You're really going to be a bitch about this?

That's your problem.

If you like don't stay frosty this October.


P.S: If you've decided that what you want to sell over the next 90-days is a high-ticket service that fetches you up to $1,000 per gig..

Get some assistance here

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