How to Sell to Cold Traffic

Here's the thing:

If you know how to sell to cold traffic (strangers who have probably never heard of you before and are very skeptical of anything you say) . . .

You can easily get 5X more sales or 5X more clients than you're getting as we speak

Here's a few tips to get you moving in the right direction:

Numero Uno:

Storytelling (when done right) puts your reader at ease,

Breaks down resistance

And puts them in a responsive mood where they easily embrace and respond to your sales pitch.


Numero Due:

Educating your reader with premium content is very effective in that:

When you put quality, helpful information in front of your reader,

You answer most of the questions and concerns they already have ... while addressing their objections too...

This makes them see you as trustworthy and a better option than other marketers or businesses shouting upandan on social media


Numero Tre

And when you combine storytelling, educative selling and soft-sell pitching in your sales messages...

YOU can move the world:

Is this all there is to getting new customers and clients from COLD TRAFFIC? OR from saturated markets?

Not really.

There's more to it.

And if you really want to get badass at selling to strangers

OR getting a healthy share of the LOOT in your market (no matter how saturated you think it is...)

You can grab a copy of The Big Idea Blueprint.

It shows you a simple 3-step sequence you can quickly learn (and use) to make even the most skeptical prospects embrace your message and see you as the best option for their money


When you pay for a copy of the Big Idea Blueprint

You also get the following FREE:

  • The COLD TRAFFIC Conversion guide
  • Maximising Social media for your business
  • 27-hypnotic words to make the world do your bidding
  • Maximum Clients in minimum time

So how much is your investment for The Big Idea Blueprint (with all these amazing bonuses listed above?)

Only N10,000, so that's no issue.

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Stay frosty.



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