How to sell with Drama

I'm not going to ask you what you think

I'll just say what I have to say and that will be it for today

Here's the thing:

Drama sells like crazy

Anything dramatic has a very high-potential of getting the full undivided attention of  your target audience

And when it comes to using Drama to sell

There are very few people who do it better than Donald Trump

The king of Attention Marketing.

He’s smarter and wealthier than 99.98% of the entire world

Yet, almost everyone thinks he’s dumb

That’s mastermind marketing right there

Donald Trump stays in front of the media by doing/saying seemingly dumb/annoying stuff just to give people something to talk about.

In the process, he annoys a lot of people, 

But he also wins a lot of business deals, fans and supporters

Here's a few examples of what a dramatic headline can look like:

How a Shameless Lekki Slay Queen Scammed my Uber Driver

WANTED DEAD OR ALIVE: Why Andy Mukolo Rejected Buhari 

How I met the Fairmaiden and what's happening behind closed doors


You're a Disgrace


Ronald Nzimora speaks his mind


And so on...

Your job is to find that piece, part, process or component of your product or market or offer that has an element of drama and then, 

Tansform it into a very DRAMATIC headline

You know....

I hate to say this

My blood is boiling and I don't even want to mention it

But damn the devil ...

It's been a crazy year

A challenging year for lots of folks

Damn 2020

Damn the eyes of 2020

Damn the gods for playing on our emotions

Many people (and businesses) are struggling to survive

Some have lost their jobs

Some don't even have a source of income anymore

Entire industries have been wiped out

But in the midst of the madness and chaos

There's a small group of "we die here" entrepreneurs who are absolutely killing it every month...

Take Victor Oyinbo for example,

A real estate consultant who made N20Million between June and August using what he learned from Copy-Pro Secrets

One day we'll talk about how I wrote that guide in 48-hours (it's over 250 pages) but for now...

Let's talk about another Real Estate Consultant who made millions selling properties in Lekki... (Lekki is a red ocean in Lagos Real Estate)

This one went to Twitter to rave and publicly say thank you to Me, Ronald Nzimora and my darling Benahili

And in case you're thinking it's just Real Estate Consultants who are killing it

 You might be interested in the case studies of the many freelancers and coaches and business owners who are making more money than they every imagined possible this year

Simply because they implemented a few things I showed them

What God is trying to tell you this morning is...

There's still a lot of money on the 2020 desk to be carted away by those who have something of value to sell

And If you'd like some help upgrading your income in the final 4 months of 2020... 

So you can easily take a vacation in January when others are having high BP because they're not sure how to make the rent or pay the bills...

Go here for more information

Stay frosty


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