Chapter 336.

I don't know if you'll learn anything from this

But just before I set out to write you this email

I saw on my Aweber dashbaord that since April 2020 (Aweber is the email marketing software I use for my emails)

I've sent out 335 emails to my private email list

That's enough to create 5 books from

So if I ever wanted to write a book..

All I'd have to do is go through my email archive

Pick 10-15 really good emails (The ones with the highest open and Click-through rates...) 

Overlay them with the current pulse of my target market 

Wittle down the 15-emails to 10 great Chapters of infotainment

Then find an intriguing title good enough to sell it. 

Anyway it seems to me that there's a small lesson here:

Okay I see 2 lessons: 

Numero uno: 

By writing quality stuff almost everyday 

I've created enough raw material for blogposts, content marketing, VSLs, new offers, webinars and books 

Numero due: 

The compounding effect of writing almost everyday 

I get better and better every day

And in ways I'd never be able to 

If I wasn't putting in the effort to write emails almost everyday;

And you know :

It always amuses me when someone asks:

"Andy how do you do it so effortlessly?" 

And I answer: 

"Consistent practice — I write everyday"

And they're looking at me as though I'm lying to them

As though I'm using one secret soap I'm not telling them about

People underestimate the magic that lies in writing everyday

Maybe because it sounds too simple

But there's nothing else I do other than — study great writing, study great advertising and write something everyday.

Even if it's just a single tweet.

And the way I see it...

This thing about writing daily is no secret at all.

But many people are looking for something complicated — when the simple stuff is right there in front of them — upon their very eyes.

Anyway here's to Chapter 336:

And to many more emails I'll be writing

Hopefully — you find them as valuable as the last 335

And here's a little invitation...

If you're not part of my ongoing Copywriting class

And you'd like to join the April batch... 

Go here

My name is Andy Mukolo — and I'm done speaking.

Stay frosty.

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