How to write emails for Agora

In November 2020

A student of mine (Sam) ... got an invitation to write emails for Banyan Hill Publishing.. a member of The Agora Companies

If you're not familiar with The Agora

They're the world's biggest direct marketing outfit

With an estimated $1billion a year in gross sales

And they hire the absolute best Copywriters in the world

So for Sam to get their attention

There's something he did that was "out of the ordinary"

And as you might guess...

It's definitely nothing like what 90% of freelancers are doing on LinkedIn in the name of "prospecting"


  • "Pitching" everybody that has CEO/Publisher/VP-marketing under their names ... in their bio
  • Randomly replying comments under a viral post (in the name of visibility..)
  • Or blindly agreeing with the point of the OP in every post that has lots of engagement


He didn't do any of that...

Simply because that's not how you get the attention of a billion-dollar publishing behemoth like The Agora

So what did Sam do?

And very importantly..

Is this simple strategy something you can use to "cut the line" and get the attention of anyone of the 10+ companies under The Agora Companies Umbrella?

This is not the kind of info you see on Social media

It's behind the scenes stuff...

And the only way you hear a pin about it when you have "insider" access

...or when you know somebody that has "insider access'"

...or somebody that knows somebody.

That's the bad news

But the good news is:

Sam is my person

And if you're interested...

I can arrange it so you hear him talk about his methods

Actually, I 've done that already

You see, I spoke with the man and he agreed to do a short video explaining ...

The psychology behind what he did, 

Why it worked...

And how serious freelance Copywriters can get the attention of publishers & copy chiefs at the helm of anyone of the 10+ companies under the Agora Network.

Companies like:

  • Common Sense Publishing,
  • The Oxford Club,
  • Money Map Press,
  • Wall Street Daily,
  • Bonner and Partners,
  • TradeSmith,
  • NewMarket Group,
  • Institute of Natural Healing,
  • Banyan Hill Publishing,
  • Omnivista Health.
  • International Living
  • Fleet Street Publications,
  • FSP Financial Services,
  • Southbank Investment Research,
  • Port Phillip Publishing
  • Etc

Sure, you can go ahead and Google these companies or search for them on LinkedIn and start pitching the key decision makers

Then receive the shock of your life when you're ignored or they reply you saying " we don't work with freelancers"

As expected.

Anyway, if you want to know how it really works

There's a lot you'll learn watching this video by Sam

Inside, he talks about "strategic positioning" & "first impressions"

Plus what these guys look out for in soon-to-be-hired Copywriters

And how to correctly "tick the right boxes"

So you get their favourable attention...

And ultimately... get your foot in the door.

This video is available if you want it

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