How to grow your income by $60,000

About 4 weeks ago, (20th of June) ...

I got the following Telegram from a student of mine


Hello Andy, good evening - hope this meets you well.

Got some good news for you, but before i tell you...

Just wanted to say thank you, Andy. 

I still bless the moment I found your message.

Because it changed my life. 

Andy, you helped me believe anything is possible.

And to me, that's worth more than anything I've ever gotten from you.

Please, don't get me wrong Andy.

But I think one of the most important thing I got (and still getting) from you was not only the mindset...

But also, the unwavering Belief that with hard work, patience, and consistency...

Anything is possible!

Recently got hired to work with Tai Lopez's Company REV (Retail Ecommerce Ventures). 

Joined their marketing team to help push the brands Tai Lopez owns.

It's a Full time gig, pay is around $5000 monthly. 

Andy, thank you man!

Your message set me on this path, gave me purpose, and for that I'm eternally grateful. ??

Hope you have a lovely evening!


I get testimonials like these all the time

One glance at the invitation page for my mentorship program

And it's clear I'm not fucking around...

Anyway here's the math to make sense of everything:

$5,000 per month x 12-months = $60,000

And perhaps, you're wondering:

Is it possible for me to close a $5,000/month recurring retainer? ... and ultimately grow my annual income by $60,000?

Yes, it's possible...

And The "How" lies in my new mentorship program

But don't just sign up on blind impulse

Here's what I mean:

Sadiq started a little over 1-year ago

And you know why he's now landing such lucrative monthly retainers most freelance Copywriters (more experienced) — can't even dream of ?

I'll tell you.

The first thing is:

He believed he could make that much — and more.

Most people don't believe they can earn even $1,000 a month selling Copywriting as a service...

And as such,

They never get to earn that much

No matter how hard they work

The second thing is:

Sadiq (like all my successful freelance Copywriting students) worked very hard — and focused 100% on Copywriting — and Copywriting alone!!!

One thing, not 2, not 3... but 1 thing.

And look where he's at now

I said a while ago that many Copywriters are not making any money because they can't focus on one thing

Always jumping from one place to another

If you can't 100% focus squarely (for at least 1-year) on taking on well-paying clients using your Copywriting skills,

How can you expect to land $5,000/month retainers?

Anyway, the 3rd thing is:

Sadiq (like all my other students) got guidance and support from someone who doesn't sugarcoat anything

(No NAVY SEAL will tell you joining the SEAL TEAM is easy.... Same way, no A-list Copywriter in their right senses will look you in the eye and tell you this stuff is "quick and easy" )

And this...

They learned the right way (not necessarily the easy way)

From someone who's in the trenches doing the work everyday, 

Taking what's working for him

And sharing it generously with his students!

While doing everything humanly possible to encourage and uplift them every step of the way.

Add all 3 reasons up

And it's pretty clear why we have so many success stories coming out of the F.C.I community

I have students who hit their first $100k/year inside the F.C.I

Some hit their first $50k

Some, their first $10k

Some, their first $5k

And some.... their first $1k

But it didn't happen overnight

Hope you understand that part?

Anyway, if you've not joined us already....

And you're interested in learning some of what I'll be sharing in my new mentorship program (which could help you grow your annual income by $60k or more)

And you're ready to do the work

You have an opportunity to join us while the pre-launch fee for the updated version (which comes with mentorship) .... is $100 only

The official launch fee (from August 1) is $500.

And I will not be held responsible for what happens after then

If you're ready:

Here's your invitation link: Andy Mukolo is inviting you to join his new mentorship program

Stay frosty


P.S: Isn't it amazing?

That most of my successful students are Nigerians (living in Nigeria) ... and yet...

They're landing these lucrative gigs ..... inspite of what most people out there think about Nigerians?

Surely, there's something we know that most don't know right?

Anyway if you'd like to take advantage of the $100 pre-launch fee before it expires on August 1 (official launch fee: $500), Go here

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